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The Places Left in Passing (2006)

The Places Left in Passing is a 2:23 minute experimental animation that mixes video, animation, and sound design. The film creates an illusory space as negative spaces of past places are animated, encouraging and nagging voices bite at each ear, and the narrator delves into questioning the in-between spaces both mental and physical that are left behind after the passing of a loved one.


Film By: Kiri Hargie


MAY 2008 Her Shorts - University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA.

APRIL 2008 Her Shorts - 3 Ring Circus Productions, New Orleans, LA.

JULY 2007 Odds and Ends Volume 2 - Rake Gallery, Portland, OR.

MAY 2007 2007 Her Shorts Women’s International Video Festival - The Historic Y, Tucson, AZ

MAR 2007 International Women’s Day Fundraiser for 2008 Portland Women’s Film Festival - Milagros Boutique, Portland, OR